1998 - 1999

Continuing with the “Alice in Wonderland” theme, these darker series of oil on canvas presents the narrative of letting go of the inner little girl, as she becomes the woman. This is the first attempt at managing the image with in a shadow atmosphere.


1997 “Alicias”

On the 100th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s death, I painted a long-lived interest: “Alice in Wonderland”. With the intention of staying true to Carroll’s humor and abstraction, the paintings explore the sense of being an outsider within one’s own home.


1990 - 1995

In a series of large format oils on canvas, there is an exploration of the woman’s condition in a post-feminist era, which sometimes goes by unnoticed or is ignored. By pointing to themes of domesticity, beauty, social class, and a changing modern social structure, we investigate the woman’s developing adaptation.


1989 "Mujeres"

A series of expressionistic oil on canvas, these paintings poke fun at women’s frustrations and secret desires. The narrative describes the search for beauty and the need to be desirable for a man, which are present yet distant feelings. I focused on grotesque and comic, which express the polarizing aspects of women who feel captive in a world of pain and pleasure, as well as sin and sanctity.


1986 - "Loteria"

Series of etchings inspired by “Los Caprichos de Goya”. In these etchings, the elaboration of symbols expresses feelings of life experiences.  With the perspective of the passage of time based on memory, memories take shape within small-scale black and white dry points in the etchings.