2008 - 2009 “Crown Nuns”

Series of oil on canvas inspired by the Baroque paintings with the same title from 17th and 18th century Mexico. With consideration for colonialization, castes, religion, migration, and rigid gender social structures, this series was informed by interviews of contemporary women of Hispanic descent that paralleled the same preoccupations, stories and themes.


2006 - 2007 “Fairy Tales”

A set of twelve medium format oils on canvas, which narrate the stories of the Grimm brothers as retold from the point of view of the witch as the stepmother. This series was intended to help me find a place to inhabit as I made peace with aging.


2003 - 2004 “Objects of Desire”

Installation of 100 representational easel-sized oil paintings, whose installation simulates a fashion magazine with the intention of criticizing the consumerist parallels in the world of art and fashion, and the obsession to collect and acquire stuff. “Objects of Desire” is a reflection on the need for more. 


2000 - 2002

Reforma 105 is the first project done after leaving Mexico. This is a conceptual piece manifesting through a series of drawings that capture the essence of personal diaries recording the way life was dramatically changing in the 20th century. These drawings were placed on a blueprint of my grandmother’s house dating from the 30’s in Mexico City, which at the time was undergoing upheaval in an urbanized neighborhood and changing landscape.